Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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Monday, November 23, 2015


this is actually an Easter picture of me, my daddy and David on left and Thom on the right..Roswell, New Mexico, 1971.

Thanksgiving along with Christmas, Easter, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, grandparents birthdays and anniversary's were spent at my Daddy's parents tiny 2 bedroom house in Mesquite, Texas. There would be my parents, me, 3 uncles and 3 aunts and assorted cousins..about 13 of us all together..so there would be on an average of 20-25 people in that tiny house..along with gigantic turkey, huge ham 6-7 side dishes, a dozen or more pies and cakes(plus Big Mama's pound cake)there was always a army size pot of pinto beans on the stove..so after eating everyone would be driven outside, no matter the weather,  by the rapid fire farts...
I loved when Daddy was stationed at Hickam AFB in Hawaii, but I missed the big dinners and fart contests. We always ate at the mess hall or NCO club  for Thanksgiving and all major holidays as it was so much cheaper..I remember we went to the officer's club once and I had lobster for Thanksgiving..I thought I had died and gone to heaven. 
After my Daddy passed away and I had holiday dinners at my house  I always went all out..but no beans..one year one of the kids complained that they were tired of turkey..so I said ok, we'll have international dinners for Thanksgiving..First year we had corned beef, cabbage and scones for a Irish dinner...Second year we had Japanese food, can't remember what I fixed, but remember buying a bottle of Japanese plum wine and we all each had a small glass and it knocked us on our ass..think the third year we had Greek...made lamb kabobs, rice, veggies and baklava and Ouzo..watered down..we learned out lesson with the plum wine..then the kids decided they missed Turkey and went back to traditional dinners. 
Once the boys grew up and got married I'd still have them at our house but the wives wanted to go to their parents and we'd swap out..but after awhile it was easier for me to just go with them and not fool with it..About 6 years ago or so I started volunteering at Community Center helping feed over 350 people..then last couple of years I went to Thom's...this year they went to Breckenridge to ski and Jenny and Jamie are fixing Thanksgiving for us and their 2 step brothers..I will make the pies..I'm excited to see how the girls do..but the thought of both of them in the kitchen together with all those sharp knives does give me pause for thought..I will still volunteer at CC this year and then go to Jenny's..  Supposed to rain..crap...
so for this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for my family..my 2 beautiful, smart granddaughters and my 2 smart and crazy little GG's..I'm thankful for my little town full of my West family, and my internet family..I love you all..have a great day..

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